Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. do enjoys tackling the difficult automation challenges that our clients bring us. We Increase Quality And Productivity for our clients. We develop custom automation equipment and tooling precision jig fixture that reduces manpower, speeds throughput, and improves quality. Our automation solutions are simple, elegant, and worked out. We know the technology, what works, and how to use it to create advanced automation equipment till manual tooling jig&fixture for supporting customer’s manufacturing. We routinely take proven engineering technologies and apply them in creative ways to solve our clients’ most difficult challenges. Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. has built a strong team by hiring very talented individuals. Our engineers both electrical and mechanical have many experiences in software engineering and systems integration. All have hands-on experience and strong background in equipment development. Both designing engineer and technicians are experienced and skilled in mechanical and electrical design, including the machine shop, electrical shop, assembly, commissioning and testing. Also, our team closely works and brainstorms with customers to get the better solution for customers on. They have over 10 years of experience in Hard disk drive field. Our Supporting team has competency in documentation software and documentation packages for all the custom equipment we produce. Our staff will get the job done for you - our customers.